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Earlier this month, The Narrow’s Restaurant was a recipient of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) courtesy of Joe Heals a Heart fundraiser. The fundraiser was setup by Joe’s friends and family to honor Joe Sheya. With the money raised they were able to buy 5 AED devices that were distributed to local businesses.
As a business we are fortunate to have received this device along with training. In the training we learned sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes approximately 1,000 people daily in the United States. AEDs are simple to use public access devices that deliver the needed defibrillation/shock. For every minute that passes before defibrillation/shock, the victim’s chances of survival decrease by 10%. With an available AED the chances of survival can be as high as 80%.
To read more about Joe’s Story click on the link below and thanks to all that contributed.